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Dark Matter

Solo show at "la Chaufferie" in Strasbourg, in which are presented two artworks, a contextual installation in black glass and a sculpture in float glass. This is the first exhibition from the trilogy in glass works.
Contextual installation in black glass presented at "la Chaufferie", (Hear Gallery) in Strasbourg
verre feuilleté noir, bois, clous, plâtre, verre float,
verre float, lampe UVlaminated black glass, wood, nails, plaster,
laminated black glass, wood, nails, plaster, float glass, UV glue
11x8x5m / 4 tonnes de verre
35x18x35cm11x8x5m / 4 tons of glass
11x8x5m / 4 tons of glass, 35x18x35cm
Realisation time:
420h (installation)
35h (sculpture)
420h (installation)
35h (sculpture)