All my projects are somehow related to aspects of human relationships: our mistakes, our doubts and desires, as well as perceptions we each have of our own realities. My work explores the nature of our psychological relationships with objects, looking for the potential space between reality and the ideal model we aspire to achieve.

Thus, I analyse and question the sense and meaning of actions we undertake, construction and destruction. I am interested in individual repeated attempts, which sometimes lead to failure. Driven by well-intended actions, utopian aspirations or blinded by his ego, the individual reveals his true nature. The impression of impotence generated by such situations and by the individuals themselves simply highlights the fragile and endearing nature of the human being.

My research takes shape through different media, materials, and mountings such as wood, glass, staples, or drawings. My inspiration and influences comes from everyday life and more specifcally from day-to-day objects that condition our lives. My analysis/research is also focused on the use of these objects and the reactions, behaviours that they create, including the affective relationships we may have with them.  

I consider my artistic oeuvre as a conveyor of encounters, an opportunity to link sectors and areas that usually ignore each other (ex: the so-called “noble” and “popular” cultures). I believe it is also a way to examine the position and the function of what we define as contemporary art.

Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg's paradoxical approach is to build from chaos. Violence is not what interests the artist, but "what comes after, what is linked to human beings, capable of the worst as well as the best". Baptiste Debombourg's initial gesture often takes the form of destroying packaging, regular furniture or laminated glass. Sealing and then making unusual objects or environments from these discarded items is the central part of his practice as a sculptor.
Torn up and dismantled, the medium, to which the artist attaches little importance, is then recreated and embellished through radical and visually powerful works that reinterpret our daily lives with irony, distance, and sometimes violence. The sculptural works examine the memory of places, modify our perception of space and our wandering conventions, demonstrating the pervasive effect of the environment on our behaviour and the ensuing narrative. His art reconciles in a plurality of gestures, bespoke and excessive, ephemeral and unchanging, trivial and sublime.

(excerpt) Cécile Godefroy, PhD in art history, art critic and scientific consultant for Arte Créative.

In his predominantly sculptural work, Baptiste Debombourg combines information and materials in experiments that unveil repressed, unspoken or ignored stories. A willing "restorative" artist, he repairs walls, furniture and objects while at the same time exposing their marks. His work asserts itself primarily by its monumentality, but it is paradoxical, precarious and fragile. A monument, as if in a state of convalescence, which pays tribute to destruction, to incomplete repair, even to resilience rather than power. This play of mobile reconstruction, beyond its ironic aspect, is fuelled by a reflection on time, history, memory and dreams.

(excerpt) Guillaume Désanges, art critic, exhibition curator, new président of Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Baptiste Debombourg would appear to be a "sociologist of the present" because he investigates the impact of our direct environment on the evolution of our bodies and on the present time since the pieces he presents belong to contemporary life: to encounters on the sides of mountain paths, to familiar furniture, to the ill-fated findings of everyday life (...) culture should be a historical process of construction and liberation of the self. His works always have a dual identity: the allure of the first glance and the subtext, or rather the sub-matter, both produced by the persistence of perception. Men come and go while the will to war endures.

(excerpt) Goënièvre Anaïs, writer, art critic.



ELEVATION, curator Yvette Jiang Yu Wei, Chi K11 art space, Wuhan, China
Amplifier, Openart - Scandinavia's biggest public art biennial, Örebro, Suède


Snowball - Rheology, Martell Fondation, october, Cognac
Snowball - Rheology, Grand-Duc Jean Art Modern Museum - Mudam, november, Luxembourg
Snowball - Rheology, the MECA, Fact Festival, november, Bordeaux


Raging dreams, S12 gallery, Bergen, may, Norway
Jardins fantômes, art public commission, curator Jean Blaise, 500ème bithday of the city le Havre, may, France
Transient, Krupic Kersting gallery, june, Cologne, Germany
Torture Art Fair, n.w.w.n.n.l.n.o, december, Brussels, Belgium


Respire, contextual installation in laminated glass, curator Yves Sabourin, Saint Séverin Gallery, Paris

2015, Stellar, le Voyage à Nantes, Place du Bouffay, juin, Nantes
Matière noire, La Chaufferie, Galerie de la Hear, octobre, Strasbourg
Champ d'accélération, le patio, la Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, octobre, Paris
Radiance, Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, octobre, Paris

Stellar, Nantes, take the journey Festival, art public commission, Place du Bouffay, june, Nantes
Dark matter, La Chaufferie, Gallery of the Hear, october, Strasbourg
Accélération field, le patio, la Maison Rouge, Antoine de Galbert Foundation, october, Paris    
Radiance, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris


Agora 2014 - Architecture and design Biennale, light installation, september, Bordeaux
Ultra Transparency, Krupic Kersting gallery, september, Cologne, Germany
Tu m'existes, Baleapop #5 Music Festival, light installation, curator Audrey Teichmann & Cécile Cano, St-Jean-de-Luz
Flow (II), conntextual glass installation, Singular Gallery, april, Pula, Croatia


Stalker, ArtBasel Miami Beach, Maison Martin Margiela, Miami, USA
Parcours Saint-Germain 2013, Maison Martin Margiela, october, Paris, France
Rétrovision, Art Center Duplex 100m2, Sarajevo, september, Bosnia-Herzégovina
Nothing, Julia Katharina Thiemann Kabinett, july, Hannover, Germany
Flow, l'Oeil de Poisson Art Center, Québec, Canada


Iris, Lot10 Gallery, november, Brussels, Belgium
Justice & Prudence, Art Center Le Lieu, november, Canada
YIA Art Fair, Young International Artists, october, Paris
Massacre Innocent, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
AGONY IN THE GARDEN, Krupic Kersting Gallery, september, Cologne, Germany
L'appartement, Nathalie Miltat & Damîen Bertelle-Rogier, june, Paris
Volta Basel, Krupic Kersting Gallery, june, Basel, Switzerland
Aérial, Abbey Brauweiler, curators Nadia Ismail & Dr Astrid Legge, april, Pulheim, Cologne, Germany
Césium, RDV Gallery, january, Nantes


A Tradition of Excellence, Krupic Kersting Gallery, Cologne, january, Germany


Les mains en l'air, Interface Gallery, september, Dijon
Volte-Face, Art Center Duplex/10m2, june, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzégovina


Turbo 2, contextual installation, HO Gallery, january, Marseille


Your potential, our passion, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris


Air Force One, 10m2 Gallery, january-march, Zagreb, Croatia
Turbo, 10m2 Gallery, september-october, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzégovina


Le Canon Féminin, public performance, june, Paris


Triomphal arch, public installation in the Palais des Etudes, Paris


Alléluia, contextual installation in the Bon Pasteur Church, Lyon



Pierre Courtin collection - Duplex100m2, curator Irfan Hošić, artists: Leila Čmajčanin, Baptiste Debombourg, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Ibro Hasanović, Adela Jušić, Marianne Marić, Mladen Miljanović, Damir Nikšić, Damir Radović, Nardina Zubanović...KRAK, Foundation Revizor, Bihać, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Pierre Courtin collection - Duplex100m2, curator Lucia Gigli, Archaeological Museum, Suasa, Italy


Rheology - Snowball, with Stéphane Ghislain-Roussel : art director - Julie Läderach : cellist - Sébastien Roux : composer - Samuel Rodriguez : scientist - Baptiste Debombourg : artist - Aline Ribière : designer - Loïc Lachaize : sound designer - Stéphane Bottard : light designer, Athénor Scène nomade - CNCM, Saint-Nazaire (44)
Vivace et Troppo - le verre à l'état libre, curator Yves Sabourin, artists : Guillaume Abdi, François Azambourg-Raphaël Barrois, Maria Bang Espersen-Mathilde Caylou-Céline Cléron, Baptiste Debombourg, Axel Decelle, Laurent Esquerré, Joëlle Forestier, Nicole et Thieri Foulc-Paul-Armand Gette Benjamin Just-Bahar Kocabey, Lucile Lacape-Julie Legrand Antoine Leperlier, Olivier Leroi, Richard Loesel, Maria Loizidou Amandine Maillot-Nadja Milivinti, Gaujoux-Clara Noseda Frédéric Ollereau, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Michel Paysant Benoît Pype, Françoise Quardon, Anne-Lise Riond-Sibony, Nadia Sabourin, Marjolaine Salvador-Morel, Martine Schildge, Skall, Jérôme Touron, Floryan Varennes, Jean-Luc Verna, Art Center le Garage, Amboise (37)
Baptiste Debombourg, Célie Falières, Richard Fauguet, Taurines Castle, Taurines, Centrès (12)
Chronicles of the Future Superheroes, curator Anca Verona Mihuleț, artists: Hyunjin Bek, Adriana Chiruta, Baptiste Debombourg 
Heecheon Kim, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Lawrence Lek, 
Dalibor Martinis, Adina Mocanu, Maria Pop Timaru, 
Larisa Sitar, Dimitar Solakov, Stardust Architects, Kunsthalle Bega, Timișoara, Roumanie
Bienvenue Art Fair, curators Domenico De Chirico & Maria Luisa Pasto, Damir Radovic & Baptiste Debombourg, Krupic Kersting Gallery, Cologne, Hôtel la Louisianne, Paris


Vivace et Troppo - le verre à l'état libre, curator Yves Sabourin, artists : Guillaume Abdi, François Azambourg-Raphaël Barrois, Maria Bang Espersen-Mathilde Caylou-Céline Cléron, Baptiste Debombourg, Axel Decelle, Laurent Esquerré, Joëlle Forestier, Nicole et Thieri Foulc-Paul-Armand Gette Benjamin Just-Bahar Kocabey, Lucile Lacape-Julie Legrand Antoine Leperlier, Olivier Leroi, Richard Loesel, Maria Loizidou Amandine Maillot-Nadja Milivinti, Gaujoux-Clara Noseda Frédéric Ollereau, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Michel Paysant Benoît Pype, Françoise Quardon, Anne-Lise Riond-Sibony, Nadia Sabourin, Marjolaine Salvador-Morel, Martine Schildge, Skall, Jérôme Touron, Floryan Varennes, Jean-Luc Verna, La Verrerie d’Art d’Amboise, le CIAV, le Cirva, Glass Fabrik, TiPii Atelier, Château d'eau - Château d'art, Bourges (18) 
Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2020, artistic Director Sung-Ho KIM, curator Sangmin Cha, september - november, South Korea


Sorcières ! curator Marie Deparis-Yafil, artists: Katia Bourdarel, Baptiste Debombourg, Pierre Joseph, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Léa LeBricompte, Annette Messager, Julien Salaud, Centre d'art H2M, may, Bourg-en-Bresse (01)
Illusion(s), Baptiste Debombourg, Rada Boukova, Martin Mc Nulty, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, january, Paris
Je suis une légende, Céline Berger, Baptiste Debombourg, Sandrine Elberg, Édouard Prulhière, Jimmy Ruf, l'Approche Gallery, Brussels, april-may, Belgium 


Fernelmont Contemporary 2018, curator Gustavo Urruty, Château de Fernelmont, june, Belgium
The Sarajevo Storage - Collection Pierre Courtin, National Gallery of Bosnia-Herzégovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Blockchain, le casier, Brussel, march, Belgium
Conversations, Krupic Kersting Gallery, Cologne, january, Germany
Dix, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, artists Thierry Agnone, Zong Dé An, Mohamed Ben Slama, Eric Corne, Baptiste Debombourg, Artus de Lavilléon, Olivier Leroi, Raphaëlle Ricol, Wu Xiaohai, january, Paris
4+4, RX Gallery, curator Isabelle de maison Rouge; artists: Alain Fleischer, Julio Villani, Lionel Sabatté, january, Paris

Tensioni Struturali #3, curator Angel Moya Garcia, artists: Baptiste Debombourg, Zimoun, Daniel Canogar, Levi Van Yeluw, Eduardo Secci Gallery, Firenze, september, Italy
Fernelmont Contemporary 2017, commissaire Gustavo Urruty, Château de Fernelmont, june, Belgium
Art Miami 2017, Eduardo Secci Gallery, december, USA


Naturalia et artificialia, Excentrique, curator Gabriela Galati, Superstudio group, myOwnGallery, october, Milan, Italy
Summer in the city, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, july, Paris
Fernelmont Contemporary 2016, curator Gustavo Urruty, Château de Fernelmont, june, Belgium
Exercice d'art contemporain, tresses, curator Yves Sabourin, Bourgoin-Jallieu Museum, june, France
Mobili-té-tât-tà-ty, curator Pierre Eichenberger & Martial Mingam, APCd Fondation, june, Switzerland 


Human Right project, curator Stéphane Chatry, artists: Molodkin, Debombourg, Zevs, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, february, Paris
Avez-vous le goût barbare ?, curators Anonymes & Nicolas Ribou, Poppositions 2015, Brussels, april, Belgium
Fernelmont Contemporary 2015, curator Gustavo Urruty, Château de Fernelmont, may, Belgium
Konkret mehr Raum, curators Julia Draganovic, Valérie Schwindt-Kleveman, Elisabteh Lumme, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, june, Germany
Journées du Patrimoine, Eternal Gallery, curator Éric Foucault, The New Patrons project (Nouveaux Commanditaires) for l'ATD quart monde in Rennes, october, Tours
The Others Art Fair, Krupic Kersting Gallery, Turin, Italy


La petite Collection, curated by Florence Lucas, CO2 Space & White Project Gallery, december, Paris
YIA Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Carreau du Temple, october, Paris
Tresses 13, curator Yves Sabourin, Maison des tresses et lacets, october, La Terrasse-sur-Dorlay
Scène 21.2, auction, Artcurial, october, Paris
Hypothèse de l’impact géant, curated by le Sans Titre, Le Carreau, september, Espace des Arts Visuels de Cergy
Les Mythologies Quotidiennes, Résonances association, september, Eglise Saint-Maur de Courmelois
Morceaux Choisis vol 2, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, September, Paris
Morceaux Choisis vol 1, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, may, Paris
Grandeur, Lange Voorhout, Museum Beelden Aanzee, the Hague, june, Nederland
Fragile, Krupic kersting Gallery, Cologne, june, Germany
Baleapop, curated by Audrey Teichmann & Cécile Cano, Cortex Athletico Gallery, june, Bordeaux
The Kennedy Bunker, White House Biennial & Nicos Charalambidis, Reh Transformer, Berlin, june, Germany
Nouvelle Affaire, Hyères 2014-29e International Fashion Festival, Villa Noailles, april, Hyères
Salon 1.618, Sustainable Luxury 4th, Le temps au temps, curated by COAL, Carreau du Temple, april, Paris
Drawing Now Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Carreau du Temple, april, Paris
Entre deux chaises, un livre, Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain, Brussels, february, Belgium
Guillaume Dimanche's Invitation, european artists in Doha, january, Quatar


10m2 Collection - Bang Art Center, Espace Michael Snow, Chicoutimi, october, Canada
Icônes du temps présent, curator Marguerite Pilven, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
White cube, curator Elle Ware & AA(n+1), Lebenson Gallery, september, Paris
The Cabinet (from Darkness to the light), curators Dionisis Christofilogiannis, ReMap 4, september, Athens, Greece
Tresses 13, curator Yves Sabourin, Musée des Tresses, july, Rive-de-Gier
Coup de sac !, MUDAC, Contemporary Design Museum, june, Lausanne, Switzerland
The Solo Project Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Basel, june, Switzerland
Open Sky Museum, curated by Eden Morfaux, ESBAN, june, Saint-Herblin (44)
Art Athina, Thrills and chills, Daily Lazy Projects, may, Athens, Greece
Art Athina, stand White House Biennial, may, Athens, Greece
Art Athina, stand Duplex100m2, may, Athens, Greece
Drawing Now Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Carreau du Temple, april, Paris
Art Paris Art Fair, Art Center Duplex/10m2, Grand Palais, march, Paris
Week-end de l'art contemporain, Les Abattoirs - Frac Midi-Pyrénées, march, Toulouse
Litlle art fair du YIA, Art District, Royal Monceau Raffles Gallery, march, Paris
Hors d'Oeuvre, Interface edition, curated by Matt Coco, Raphaël Boissy and Lucja Ramotowski-Brunet
, l'Attrape-couleurs, march, Lyon
Step09 Art Fair, Krupic Kersting Gallery, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, february, Italy
Cabane Cannibale, curated by Audrey Teichmann and Julie Lesgourgues, Hybrid, january Bidart
Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, curated by YIA - Young International Artists, january, Paris
Fondre.Battre.Briser, Pavillon Blanc, Art Center of Colomiers, january, Colomiers


Jeux d'artistes, curator Lucie Cabanes, Art Contemporary Museum, december, Annecy
Multiples#4, RDV Gallery, december, Nantes
Pulse Miami Art Fair, Lot10 Gallery, december, Miami, USA
Belgrade Art Fair, Art Center Duplex10m2, Magacin, Kraljevica Marka 4, Beograd, Serbia
Prix Meurice pour l'art contemporain, Meurice Palace, Dorchester Collection, october, Paris
Bang! Bang!, curator Andréa Holzher, Kunstverein Haus fur Kunst Uri, september, Altdorf, Switzerland
Sacré blanc ! Hommage à Thomas Gleb, curator Yves Sabourin, Contemporary Tapestry Museum, september, Anger
Salle d'attente et mémoire vide, curated by Elvire Bonduelle, Immanence Gallery, june, Paris
Wasistdas, curated by Franziska & Johannes Sperling, Franklin Azzi Architecture Agency, may, Paris
In&Out, curated by Fabien Hulin & Anthony Phuong, le Michelet, may, Ivry-sur-seine
Luna Park V project, Gangs of Bruxelles exhibition, curators Sara Lucas & Guillaume Clermont, Kuhturm, may, Leipzig, Germany
Le Baiser Papillon, curator Jean-François Courtilat, RDV Gallery, Château de Goulaine, april, Nantes
Drawing Now Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Carrousel du Louvre, march, Paris
Luna Park VII project, La Grande Ourse exhibition, curated by Sara Lucas & Guillaume Clermont, R2D2 Architecture Agency, Brussels, march, Belgium
Supermarket Art Fair - Duplex/10m2 - Kulturhuset, Stockhlolm, february, Sweden
Replay, vingt ans d'exposition au Centre d'Art, Art Center Dourven Gallery, january Trédez-Locquémeau
Three Dimensional, CC/ Cologne Contemporaries - Brussels/Cologne, Krupic Kersting Gallery, january, Germany


2D/3D, curator Caroline Smulders, « I love my job », Joseph Gallery, march, Paris
ArtParis Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Grand Palais, march, Paris
L'hiver ou le déluge, Nathalie Obadia Gallery, april, Paris
I Fought the X and the X Won, curator Raphael Vella, National Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, april - may, Roumania
L'effraction et/ou la violence créative, Guest artist for the expérimental studio, UQAC, may, Canada
Artists from the 10m2 Collection, groupshow, curator Pierre Courtin, Art Center Duplex/10m2 de Sarajevo, june, Bosnia Herzégovina
Le Labo-Résurgence, Ferdinand(Corte) TM & Hervé Ic, Art Center le Lait, july, Albi
Bang Bang, commissaire Andréa Holzherr, Art Center Foundation CCA Andratx, Palma de Majorca, july, Spain
I Fought the X and the X Won, curator Raphael Vella, National Art Museum, Valetta, july, Républic of Malta
VideoKemp, curator Amande in, Doum Umeni, Brno, july, Czech Republic 
Chleb a Sül (Bred and Salt), curated by Amande In & Michal Novotny, Contemporary Art Center Futura - Karlìn Studios, august, Prague, Czech Republic
Ars Apocalipsis, curated by Malte & Heining Boecker, Kunstverein Kreis of Gütersloh, Gütersloh, october, Germany
J'entends un murmur insolite, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
Soudain, déjà, curator Guillaume Désanges, ENSBA, october, Paris
Apollo, with Lionel Sabaté, curator Jonathan Chauveau, Florence Leoni Gallery, october, Paris
Vidéo-Salon 5, 6th Human Right Film Festival of Sarajevo, Duplex/10m2, Sarajevo, november, Bosnia
Multiples&co, curated by la Galerie de multiples from Paris, Art Center Villa du Parc, décember, Annemasse
Aux Armes, with Raphael Vella, National Art Museum Saint James Cavalier, Valletta, décember, Républic of Malta


Hors d'Oeuvre n°26, curated by Interface, launch of the limited edition, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, décember, Paris
Le Labo, curator Ferdinand(corte)TM, Art Center le Lait, december, Albi
Hints to Workmen, curator Alistair Robinson, Northern Gallery, Sunderland, november, England
Access & Paradox Art Fair, Duplex/10m2, Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris
Charnel House Scraps, curator Rob Greene, Kunsthalle LA, Los Angeles, october, USA
Nuit Blanche 2010, le Point Ephémère, le Duplex/10m2, october, Paris
Belleville Biennale, Shanta Rao Studio, september, Paris
Suspensions actives, 91 Gallery, the Hague, May, Nederland
Fews pink secondes, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, March, Paris
ArtParis Art Fair, Utopia/dystopia Plateform, curator Christophe Le Gac, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, March, Paris
Battement d’Ailes vol 2, curator Jean-Michel Jagot, Contemporaray Art Center Dourven Gallery, february, Trédrez-Locquémeau (22)


Cutlog Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
Battement d’Ailes vol 1, curated by Jean-Michel Jagot, la C.I.T, Aniane, october, Montpellier (34)
I will find a title, curator Pierre Courtin, Krupic Kersting Gallery, september, Cologne, Germany
Feed, curator Gabriela Galati, Fragmental Museum, Essex street Market New-York, september, USA
Vidéo Salon 4/ Sarajevo Film Festival SFF, Art Center Duplex/10m2, august, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzégovina
Gip's, curator Pierre Courtin, Art Center Duplex/10m2, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzégovina
Supernova, la Générale en Manufacture, june, Sèvres (92)
Drawings, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris
Volta 5 Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, may, Basel, Switzerland
Spectator Novus, curated by Francesca Spanò, Kritiku Gallery, may, Prague, Czech Republic
Ligne à ligne, curator Michel Nuridsany, National Art Gallery, may, Jakarta, Indonesia
Emergency Room, curated by Thierry Geoffroy & Julia Draganovic, -PAN- Palazzo delle Arti, april, Naples, Italy
Vidéo-Box 2, curator Pierre Courtin, Olstyn Art Center, Halogaleria, february, Poland
The Wealth of Nations, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, january, Paris


Emergency-room, Taiss Gallery, curated by Thierry Geoffroy, Paris
Slick 08 Art Fair, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, 104 Art Center, Paris
Galerija 10m2 Collection, curator Pierre Courtin, Oui Art Center, Grenoble (38)
Parcours West II, la générale en Manufacture, vidéo-box curated by Pierre Courtin, Sèvres (92)
Nimérix, 6th art biennale, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Nîmes (30)
Abrasevic Film Festival, vidéo box 2, curator Pierre Courtin, Mostar, Bosnie-Herzégovine
Vidéo-Salon 3, Sarajevo Winter Film Festival Festival, Galerie 10 m², Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzégovina


Open, curated by Christophe Cuzin, la Générale en manufacture, Sèvre (92)
Armagéddon, Part 1, curated by artists collective &nbsp, la Générale en manufacture, Sèvre (92)
Busan International Video Festival/ 4 th Edition, curated by Space Bandee, Busan, South Korea
Power-Tower, Soul Art Space Center, curated by KIM Mie-Ai et ArgentineLee, Busan, South Korea
Dadada, Mostar Hammam, curator Pierre Courtin, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzégovina
Urbanité, Aponia Art Center, Villiers Sur Marne (94)


Show Off Art Fair, Espace Pierre Cardin, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris
La Planck, curated by Valérie Chartrain, Air de Paris Gallery, Paris
BAD, Raphaël Boccanfuso, Thierry Agone, Baptiste Debombourg, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris
Home Sweet Home, curator Michel Nuridsany, Art Center CCC, Tours
The end, curated by artist collective &nbsp, la Générale, Paris
2 jours de nuit, A3-Art, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris
Virus-virus II, curator Léonor Nuridsany, UNAGaleria, Bucharest, Roumania
Virus-virus I, curator Léonor Nuridsany, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Vidéo-Salon, curator Pierre Courtin, 10m² Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzégovina


FIAC, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
L’Oeil du Touriste, curator Jeanne Truong, Frederic Giroux Gallery, october, Paris
La Galerie fête ses quinze ans, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
Atelier Project n°1, Cardenas Bellanger Gallery, october, Paris
Le Corps est le Paysage, curator Yves Sabourin, Marion Prassinos Art Center, june, Saint–Rémy de Provence
Against conformity and averageism…, Tribute to Richard BRAUTIGAN, Luc Queyrel Gallery, Paris
Sérendipity ou la productivité du hasard, curated by Muriel Colin-Barrand, Frederic Giroux Gallery, Console, Palais de Tokyo Library, december, Paris


F.L.I.C.K, curator Jeanne Truong, Luc Queyrel Gallery, october, Paris
FIAC, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, october, Paris
Maisons Témoin, curated by Rémy Bosquère, Marie Cozette, Julie Pellegrin, The Store, may, Paris


Schow room 3#, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris
Echelle un, curated by Sophie Dubosc, Jonathan Loppin, Jeanne Truong, l’Impasse, Paris
FIAC, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris
Rococo & co, curated by Jean-Michel Albérola, ENSBA, Paris
Singles, curator Christian Bernard, Pitch Gallery, Paris
DRIFT, curated by François Roche (R&Sie(n) Architects New Territories/M4), artist collective A.I.R, Galerie DEEP, Paris
A Table !, artist collective A.I.R, curated by Yoshitomo Nara, ENSBA, Paris
Vous êtes ici, curated by Vincent Barré, Agart Gallery, Amilly, (45)


Mission to Ice, 1.2 version, performances, artist collective A.I.R - Jean-luc Vilmouth studio, Acces-s Festival, Pau
Good Bye Surface, performances, DUMBTYPE & artist collective A.I.R - Jean-luc Vilmouth studio, ENSBA, Paris
Premières vues, curator Michel Nuridsany, Passage de Retz, Paris
NIM, Rétrospective, curator Artus de Lavilléon, Patricia Dorfmann Gallery, Paris


2014 Prizewinner by les "amis de la Maison rouge" - Foundation Antoine de Galbert, Paris
2010 Cultural Affairs grant, Mairie of Paris, free rein for the "Volte-Face" exhibition project in Sarajevo
2009 CNAP Acquisition for the "Métissages" collection curated by Yves Sabourin, French Ministry of Culture
2008 Ministry of Youth and Sports grant for the "T.C.S." movie
2006 European exhibitions grant, for the exhibition project "Virus virus", Mairie of Paris
2005 Mairie of Paris grant, Art in the city department
2003 Contemporary art grant, Mairie of Paris, Cultural Affairs department
2002 International exchange scolarship in Las-Vegas, ENSBA - Art department UNLV, U.S.A


2002 - 2003
Theoretical seminar with Christian Bernard (MAMCO - Genève)
2001 - 2002
Atelier Interzone de Recheche (A.I.R)
with Jean-Luc Vilmouth, François Roche, Claude Lévèque
Theoretical study with Pierre Sterckx, Jac Fol
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, [DNSAP]
1996 - 2001
Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon
with Dominique Figarella, Mélanie Counsell
Valérie Jouve, and Elisabeth Ballet, [DNSEP - DNAP]