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Burnout, that we could also compare with travelling without restraint, or the quest of the original, or just the worship of personal delight!

Alix Heaume and Adrien Robain are representing the RH+ Architecture Agency. They propose a sensual architecture based on the affectation on material/matter. Their mobile habitation project based on resin prototypes is exhibited at the Contemporary Creation Art Center (CCC) in Tours in France. Around twenty artists and organizers can come to the CCC and occupy successively the units of mobiles habitations. This program is called « Home Sweet Home ».

To echo the biodegradable characteristic of the modules, resin furniture is transformed around its habitation. Each element is getting free from any formal and functional standard.
Contextual installation in the module of the RH+ Agency in Art Center CCC
55 rue Marcel-Tribut, 37000 Tours
Resin garden furniture
Combination : HxlxL:1,85x0,42x0,73m
stool : 0,58x0,55x0,90
Chair: 0,83x0,50x0,55m
Realisation time:
132 hours