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Jardins fantômes

"Jardins fantômes" is a permanent installation made of Corten steel and situated in the Bassin du Roy of the city of Le Havre. The installation by artist Baptiste Debombourg is realised as part of the event "un été au Havre" which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city by Francis I of France. The “Bassin du Roy” was the site of the first harbour of Le Havre, inaugurated during the 16th century.

Taking inspiration from the rich patters that adorn the King’s Chamber at the Château de Blois*, one of the castles of Francis I, the artist created a monumental Corten steel structure, which is fixed to the harbour’s walls. Over time, the tide will transform the installation: mussels, oysters and seaweed will get caught in the metal structure, making the ornaments organically reveal the royal motifs in all their splendour.

The work of visual artist Baptiste Debombourg tends to divulge the unspoken, revealing stories from silence, throwing light on shadows.
Behind his sculptures and their materials, stories are sheltered or exposed. His works should be approached as a reflection on time, history, memory and dreams.

Artist: Baptiste Debombourg, Curator Jean Blaise, technical director Jess Pérez, engineer Julien Bonthoux, Artévia & Vinci group.

*Restored by Félix Duban in 1846
Bassin du Roy - le Havre
Lace cutting of 15 mm Corten steel plates, pincers and special chemical sealing, special stainless steel connecting elements
Quai Videcocq 3x89,7m; Quai Michel Férré 3x95,7m
Realisation time:
4 000 hours (30 months)