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The caravan, or RV – a symbol of freedom for many – is sliced ​​up and presented in a lacerated state. Gone is the opportunity to head out on adventure, to spontaneously make our dreams come true, to decide over our own lives. The artwork calls attention to - and condemns - how during the pandemic, the world's decision-makers stopped people’s movement, extinguished freedom.

The act of slicing is inspired by the process of destroying a functional object, there is a link to musicians who used to destroy their own instruments, as Jerry Lee Lewis did with his piano in 1957, or Pete Townshend, the first guitar-smashing rock artist, in 1964, The clash with the London Calling, 1979, later Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, etc… also an art piece by Nam June Paik, One for Violin solo performance, 1962… French artist Arman made destruction sculptures in the series Anger 1966. Chris Burden made a body performance with Shoot in 1971. It is a mix of protests, narcissism, ego, revolution, show. Surely it became in music the ultimate entertainment act, even though the rock stars and punk musicians were perhaps very against the state of politics and society. They were looking for some change, more in connection with the wishes that were characteristic for their generation.

In Contemporary Art, Gustav Metzger (pioneer and  founder of the auto destructive art) was truly politically engaged against war, as Chris Burden was in his performance Shoot, 1971.
The sensationalism performance of Gustav Metzger was a political declaration, against the society, a way to link the absurdity of the war, to alert the public, to initiate the civil disobedience… he was condemned for all that and spent time in prison.

Today, these generations are our parents, and we are their children, and we have our own, different wishes…

The artwork oscillates between demolition and transformation, becomes a growing, overwhelming desire for freedom and independence.

Curated by Sofia Gustafsson for Openart.

OpenArt is Scandinavia’s biggest public art biennial, running for twelve weeks in the city of Örebro in Sweden.
Présentation :
Örebro Castle, Suède
Éléments :
Polar caravan, wood, glue, metal structure
Dimensions :
2,50x 8x4m
Temps de réalisation :
Date :
Du 18/06 au 04/09/2022