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The third room of the exhibition "Tensioni Struturrali 3" will feature Baptiste Debombourg, who is interested in topics such as human behavior, loss of control, actions of construction and demolition, paradoxes and vulnerabilities, and will showcase a work realized using lacquered wood and laminated shattered glass, who’s formalization refers to symbolism, speed, centrifuge motion and the tension of the elliptic shape. In particular, the artist recalls the rupture that the ellipsis represented: a new shape, inspired and connected to the heliocentric theory, to the discovery by Copernicus on the position of the planets in the universe and

their movement around the sun, and in contrast with the circular representation bound to the geocentric system. At the time, the loss of an anthropocentric view definitively knocked down all of man’s certainties, forcing mankind to reassess its position of “centrality”, its certainty of supremacy, which was very well integrated within an organized divine project, and, therefore, provoked the birth of the modern man as a complex, dubious, multi-faceted, broken, and shattered being, free of solid beliefs.

Angel Moya Garcia (curator)
Présentation :
Installation contextuelle à la Galerie Eduardo Secci
Éléments :
Parre-brise, bois, clous, visses, peinture
Dimensions :
Temps de réalisation :
310 heures
Date :