The turbo wave of the 80’s left its mark on the industry and on the whole cultural situation in Western Europe.It became a model of behavior, since having a « turbo » in your own car was giving you this feeling of superiority among other common cars. It was meaning you were more powerful than them. The sound effect gives the sensation of a real physical power. To advance, the people from Eastern Europe put some more «tuning, customizing» everywhere – for example in their folk music. 


The installation « Turbo » is actually dealing with this testosterone competition, and is putting in jeopardy this representation of the masculine power.


Patricia Dorfmann Gallery Paris, Galerie HO Marseilles, Galerija10m2 Sarajevo
wood installation
variable size, H 3,2 x 7,3 x 3m
Realisation time: 
variable time, 145 to 35 hours
05/10/2007/ 2008 / 2009