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Rémy Julienne and Germain Tison invented a vehicle in order to accomplish cinematic stunts: “The treasure of San Gennaro” Paramount - Vetra film 1966; “The brain” directed by Gerard Oury 1968; “A View To A Kill” the John Glenn's James Bond 1985; they obtained later the patent for their invention. This concept has been reused by passionated people who decided to create a competition : the “Traine Cul Surprise” : a race concept with half cars. 

The movie T.C.S. in collaboration with Antoine Melchior is a poetic reflection about our current society. This documentary presents itself as an initiatory trip within a special sociocultural background. Based on an original mechanical invention and on the philanthropic desire of its creator Germain Tison, our movie presents the practice of cinematic stunts and the creation of a peculiar culture, by means of a new sport. The T.C.S. is a kind of amateur and unofficial car race between cheap competition vehicles: the half cars, on converted agricultural fields.

The T.C.S. practice is a meeting point and a common ground. Its implicitly suggests a comeback to the social cohesion by sharing of the same passion. Mutual aid is the keyword. It deals not only with social community but also with culture period: the race is an open scene to the imagination of anyone, and it's Inspired by modified references. This popular and off-the-wall environment allows its participants to freely assert themselves.

Germain Tison patented his idea in 1993 and the half-car became a social unifier that at the same time respected the particularities of everyone. Between the need for power and the absurdity, nobody escapes its own limits. The half car tends to be a powerful machine of self-projection. In this spectacular game, the fallible human being reveals his subtle part of humanity.

The various criticisms standing in the way of the practice of this sport will be deliberated through a survey, opening the debate to the conflicts between mankind and the so called modern society.

Interdictions, inconveniences, discomfort, limits. The T.C.S. makes us wonder about our predetermined social and cultural identities. This philanthropic sport is at the base of a hybrid universe. By means of his creation Germain Tison brings one part of mankind face to face with its own realities.
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Shot in HDV in collaboration with Antoine Melchior, new logo TCS graphisme identity Devalence
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2352 hours from today
depuis 2002