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The turbo wave of the 80’s left its mark on the industry and on the whole cultural situation in Western Europe.It became a model of behavior, since having a « turbo » in your own car was giving you this feeling of superiority among other common cars. It was meaning you were more powerful than them. The sound effect gives the sensation of a real physical power. To advance, the people from Eastern Europe put some more «tuning, customizing» everywhere – for example in their folk music.

The installation « Turbo » is actually dealing with this testosterone competition, and is putting in jeopardy this representation of the masculine power.
Many casino players buy machines with turbo engines because they are more powerful. The turbine itself is an auxiliary component that is directly connected to the engine and adds extra power, which is important for a online casino player. Also, the presence of a turbine in a car can clearly suggest that the owner loves the game.
installation contextuelle
(Galerie Patricia Dorfmann - Paris / Galerija10m2 -Sarajevo- Bosnie / Galerie HO-Marseille / Maison Martin Margiela - Paris 75006 )
contextual installation Patricia Dorfmann Gallery - Paris / Galerija10m2 - Sarajevo - Bosnie
Galerie HO-Marseille / Maison Martin Margiela - Paris 75006
Wood installation
Variable size, H 3,2 x 7,3 x 3m
Realisation time:
Variable time, 145 - 35 hours
2007- 2013