Baptiste Debombourg / VOLTE FACE


Dear Friends

You are kindly invited to the solo exhibition Volte-Face by Baptiste Debombourg in Sarajevo's Art Center DUPLEX/10m2
The opening exhibition will be June Wednesday 9th at 19.00.


Exhibition will be open from June 9th to June 27th, everyday from 14.00 to 19.00 (except Wednesday and Sunday)



The “VOLTE-FACE” exhibition is based on turnarounds, unexpected swings, or amazements, where doubts, mistakes, flaws, the violence or even accidents become food for thought. It develops itself according to the scar model, regenerative phenomenon in medicine, process enabling a reparation of the lesions of scar tissues and organs, and that is ending in a consolidation or reconciliation of former united elements that had been separated. This exhibition is the occasion to take the privileged time to analyse, to get into, or to face, the close relationship between mankind and its ideals. The exhibition is creating a partnership between two artistic spaces : The Duplex/10m2, new center of arts in Sarajevo, and the Patricia Dorfmann Gallery in Paris. Most of the pieces were realized in Sarajevo during a working stay (design and installation) in the context of the city and its inhabitants that were survivors ,for some of them, of the Yugoslavian conflict between 1992 and 95.


Baptiste Debombourg develops a research through a stretched field of sculpture, bonded with his environment, making the objects escape from their first mediocrity. The vulgar, the standard “goes rising” in order to take up the etymology of the word sublime (sublimis in Latin).  
Baptiste Debombourg is interested in our use of everyday objects and in their function – in particularly the standard objects: wrapping paper, weapons, cars – from the serial production to different ways of appropriation whose subjects they are (customization, tuning). 
Baptiste Debombourg conceptual devices are those of artistic hybridity; drawings, sculptures, photographs, films, all at the same time… Every project comes from an encounter, a renewed curiosity, moment of observation of the most pragmatic and the most elemental reality.  
« My work looks to introduce the possible space between the reality and the ideal we are searching to achieve. I imagine my art practice like a vector of the encounter; a possibility to bond usually unrelated domains, so called “noble” cultures and others that are folkloric. For me, it’s also a way of questioning the place and function of art today. »




- Volte Face: windshield installation, nails, wood, 4,2x2,7x1,5m, (more info here)


- Tradition of Excellence: new series drawings, number V,VII, VIII, IX, (more info here)




The exhibition is supported by the Sarajevo's French Embassy, the Mairie of Paris, the Jovan Divjak association, the DADADA association in Sarajevo, the Duplex/10m2 and the Patricia Dorfmann Gallery.






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