Curated by : Amande In guest curator of Viktor Cech and Lenka Sykorova


babybottle 45 video

by Antoine Melchior & Baptiste Debombourg


Videokemp is a one-day festival of contemporary video art. The basic idea of Videokemp is to present video art in a non-traditional way as an alternative to the classical gallery space. Every year during the summer holiday a small camp appears in one of Prague’s numerous parks. Selected artists build their tents themselves and present their art in it. The presence of artists themselves creates space for dialogue between them and the audience, which is an important part of the whole festival. Also “curatorial tents” are built where different curators present videos by artists from abroad, last years artists from  USA, Netherlands, Scotland and Israel was included. Videokemp is mainly focused on young Czech artists and contrasts them with the broader contemporary video art scene.


As Videokemp takes place in a public space, it appeals to frequent gallery visitors as well as random passersby. Visitors not only can observe the wide range of contemporary video art in a pleasant environment but they can also meet artists themselves and thus enter a rather exclusive contemporary art scene.