In today's increasingly precarious social and economic environments overwhelming violence and terrorism are more and more present everywhere around us... (World Trade Center attack in 2001, shootings at Columbine High School in 1999, deadly hostage-taking in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia, to name but three) The subprime crisis of 2008  has put a few more dents in our way of life and shaken the carefree  citizen-of-the-world-consumer. Add to that the recent tsunami disaster in Indonesia in 2004, the volcano ash cloud in Eyjafjöl, Iceland that  paralyzed airports all over Europe and the latest disaster in Japan – not to mention the current social revolution in the Arab countries. When we consider the events that pummel our everyday lives on a daily basis, it is clear that we are experiencing rather violent times.


Baptiste Debombourg's work seeks to come to grips with this environment and offers a multimedia reflection on the violence that is fed to us through the news.


Faced with this rise in violence, it is clear that human expression is becoming more and more radical in its various forms. With social networking communication today is fast and allows the exchange of ideas. It also helps shape our outlook on the world we live in...


"Contemporary Art in Dialogue with violence" is the theme of our next meeting, during which artist Baptiste Debombourg will present his research and his work on this subject.


When and in what context do artists draw inspiration from this violence and appropriate it? How do they transform it into creative energy? What is the difference between defending a cause or expressing an idea or concept, and the notion of committed art ?


We will have the opportunity to discover the many results and achievements produced by this influence through an illustrated presentation and an open discussion with the audience.

Raphaël Vella